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Organic Rice Syrup
a better sweetening substitute for good health

Rice Syrup is made from whole grain rice after culturing and fermenting it with enzymes. This mild sweetener is capable of providing the equivalent sweetness of white sugar without putting any ill impact on your blood sugar level. Rice sugar content of rice syrup lets you enjoy the alluring sweet taste without leaving you with any worries of gaining extra kilos or any negative health impacts from a regular sugar dose. This natural sweetener, made from cooked rice is treated with enzymes so that the starches present in the rice get converted into sugars. Cooked rice is used as the base for Rice Syrup; as a health food brown rice is typically used for making it.

The production of rice syrup involves boiling of rice grain and removing of the liquid, the rest of the stuff is processed to get organic Rice Syrup which contains mostly complex sugars. Its greatest advantage is, it does not get absorbed by the digestive system and into the bloodstream quickly and therefore does not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar level like your table sugar. Rice Syrup contains only half the sweetness of regular sugar and comes with lots of benefits which results in its use in various foods. It is used in cakes, cookies, pies, puddings and granola and provides a harder and crisper texture to the baked goods. Rice Syrups are commonly used these days in salad dressings and dips and beverages as well. Both Clear Rice Syrup and Brown Rice Syrup are favoured as superior sweetening agents and good substitutes for common sugar.

Organic Rice Syrup has is mild and unique flavour and excellent sweetening ability. This inexpensive natural sweetener is manufactured by a process which involves use of no synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. The organic factor is maintained throughout the entire cultivation process and this is why it is the preferred choice for consumers who look for a chemical-free diet. Because of its sweetening capabilities, nutritional values and amazing qualities Rice Syrup substitute is being increasingly used as an alternative to white and brown sugar. Organic Rice Syrup comes with lots of varieties that include brown rice syrup, rice bran syrup, clear rice syrup, yinnie syrup and rice malt.

Brown rice syrup, the commonly used liquid sugar substitute, is a gluten-free liquid that is used in cooking and baking for sweetening foods. It has a consistency similar to honey and tastes very sweet. Brown rice syrup is obtained by culturing cooked rice with enzymes. It needs to be stored in a dry, cool place and has approximately one year’s shelf life. Brown rice syrup contains trace minerals like manganese, magnesium and zinc. Organic Brown rice syrup is all natural and one of the healthiest alternatives to sugar. Brown rice syrup is produced commercially by a number of companies in the United States, Asia and Europe. Like other substitutes for sugar, this syrup can also be found in foods stores of large markets .The online market places are the best way for purchasing Rice Syrup including Brown rice syrup.

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